Monday, March 11, 2013

Finally, a blog of my own

Vanguard Productions finally begins and what a grand start it is. I'm surprised on how much support I've gained, honestly. But, one thing is for sure, it's a fresh start, and even naysayers (or should I use the vernacular "The Haters"?) can admire an industrious project that I'm embarking on. My God, it's going to be awesome in every way, I feel under my strong and illustrious leadership I can truly inspire (and possibly outrage the entrenched hegemonic order). Means I also have to go through all of my old videos and photos and see what I can dig up!

I have the beginnings of a wonderful team and I'm grateful for their contribution. Where would I be without them. Our first project is still a toss up between something "Improv" related or a short, at this juncture in time, it'll come down to a vote...or a coin toss...or rock, paper, scissor, shoot...or Gotta love it, right? 

The camera, the car, and this blog shall be sacred (in one sense or another), pure and a continuous way to help express ourselves daily. My excitement is almost palpable. Anyway, off to bed.

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